So What's New?

The most recent good news is that They Called Me Blessed! is back on the Amazon/Kindle website.  You can find it at  Check it out .  It  works.  The reason it was removed is an interesting story.  Isn't everything?  The company , Greyden Press decided to change its format. My publishing advisor, David Braughler,  used this opportunity to begin his own business, Braughler Books, LLC.   Somehow my Kindle website was left behind at Greyden.  We did not know that until we made inquiry just last month.  Anyway, we are back on line.  The Book costs $9.99 which is a reduction of five dollars.  AND it is a really good read.  By the way, David's website is

In The Works?

Lauren Kitchens-Steward  has me on her list for a one-hour program discussing They Called Me Blessed! during the month of October, 2016.  I am looking forward to that.  I believe They Called Me Blessed! is very relevant to what is happening in our society today.

My daughter has been working with the  Pacific Garden Mission Unshackled Radio Program to see whether They Called Me Blessed! would fit with their programming.  Within the last week, we found that it is in the approval process.  The Unshackled program is internationally known and has been running for the last 50 years.  I continue to declare  that though this is my story, the book is not about me.  It is a wonderful opportunity to have this book dramatized for a spiritually perceptive audience.  

What's Happening Now!

Healthwise, I  am still that same old hairpin.  My precious doctor whom I exclaimed over in my last blog (a week ago) said I am in the same place I was when he and I met last year.  Both of us think that is good news; but neither of us really knows what it means.  My primary care doctor loves the fact that I am losing weight -- approximately 40 lbs since August of 2015.  That's about 3.33 lbs per month for approximately 12 months.  I understand that is a healthy way to lose.  I  have been doing chair exercises.  But it seems I need more arduous  strengthening, so I will be doing the "Curves" kind of exercise program starting next week.  

I have a surgeon standing by in case I decide to have an inch long pimple removed from my back.  I am praying over how to proceed with that.  If the Lord brings me to your mind, I would appreciate your prayers for clarity over that. Meanwhile, my daughter thinks I look very good for my age.

For your understanding of how I feel about all of this, when I come downstairs in the morning, I praise God loudly and state:

  • I'm Blessed, I'm wise, I'm in good health, and I don't owe anyone anything except to love them! 

I can say this because I am fruitful and I multiply with my writing, I replenish the earth, I subdue it and take authority over it where my area of control is outlined.  I am wise in seeking God to know how to proceed in accordance with His perception.  My doctors say my health is normal  (whatever that means for an 84-year-old person) and I am in process of staying out of debt.  And finally, my bottom line statement is JESUS IS LORD!

For the moment, that is all I have.  So I salute you and I will be back when I have more to tell.

Meanwhile,Be Blessed!