September 11, 2014 -- Well, here I am again.  I am going to fool you and not talk about what was on the news last night.  I am going to tell you how God worked miraculously in my life last weekend, September 5 and 6. It was truly because I am His child (remember in They Call Me Blessed!  I explained that God has no grandchildren.  He only has children)  and He truly responds like a wonderful dad.  

    My daughter, Carolyn, was away all day Friday getting ready for the Lighthouse Counseling Services "Walk for Hope."  I was awakened with a strange phenomenon.  My left arm would not function without  serious pain. I prayed.  Then I went down to our family room, turned on the ROKU program of Gloria Copeland's Healing School, and for 2 and 1/2 hours soaked myself in that teaching.  The arm still could not be moved from my side. I spent a good part of the day soaking in and  repeating healing scriptures the rest of the day  -- periodically trying to move my arm.  Then Mark 11:22 - 26 started speaking to me.  Jesus said, "Have Faith in God!"  and "Speak to the mountain." 

     I remembered that Gloria Copeland had said, " most people want God to speak to the mountain for them; but He won't.  He has given that privilege to us.  We must do it.  If we don't, it won't happen."  Well.... I began to speak to that arm.  I began to tell it, (1) I am the seed of Abraham through Jesus, therefore, I am an heir. (2) I have the right to the healing Jesus took for me in Isaiah 53:4-5.  (3) I refuse to have this affliction on my arm. (4) I declared that it must be removed in the name of Jesus.  (You may not believe in that.  I do! I just had not internalized it.) 

     When my daughter came home late that evening, I did not tell her of my affliction.  I had told no one.  I just went to bed after reading "healing" scriptures again.  The next day, Saturday, my daughter left home early for her "Walk of Hope."  I slept through until noon.  When I awakened, the arm was still stiff, but I continued to try to move it, all the while talking to it as I had the day before, quoting heal scriptures and refusing to receive this as a permanent disability.  When I went to wash up, I heard that still small voice say, "Take a shower." I was hesitant.  My daughter wasn't home.  Suppose I couldn't manage with that stiff arm?    I wanted to keep my feet flat on the ground.  But.... once again I heard that voice I recognized and depended upon to lead and guide me.  So, I turned on the shower and stepped into it.  The warm water immediately began to release the top of my left arm.  As I soaped up, I reached higher and higher enduring the pain until I could just reach and wash my right shoulder with my left hand.  By the time I left the shower -- I always wipe it down before I step out -- the pain was residing.  

    I praised God for the healing being complete.  I spoke again to my body telling it that I had sozo and zoa, nothing missing, nothing broken in my body and it was to recognize that.  I read healing scriptures again all the while reminding the "enemy of our souls" that I was resisting him and he had to flee because God said so; that he was a liar because Jesus said so and there was nothing wrong with my arm.   The bottom line is that by the time my daughter arrived home, somewhere around four o'clock, I had complete circular healing in my left arm.  No pain.  I could raise it -- along with the right arm -- to praise the Lord.  No pain.  

     I saw my chiropractic nutritionist yesterday.  After I told him of my "miracle" weekend, he examined me thoroughly and said he would see me at my monthly appointment.    

     By the way: the reason I didn't watch or listen to the president's speech was because I was praying for him and for America.  I believe we need an awakening to my Father IN Heaven so our country can get back on track.  I believe My dad will heal America if we will "speak to these mountains."