Are you still there?  Well, you've probably been wondering what happened to me, right? It's not a very long story, but it has taken some time to work through.  

Last August, during one of our hottest days, I was working beside Carolyn in the yard.  She asked me, "Mom, what is that raised bump on your back?"

"What raised bump?"  I responded.  

Carolyn touched my back at a place where I could not see the spot, could not reach the spot and did not feel anything except her finger.

Shortly after that, I had an appointment with my Primary Care Physician.  I asked him what he thought of that spot.  He said those kinds of things showed up either because something had bitten a person or it was just a pimple and would go away.  The next week, I went to my chiropractor.  The bump was still there, so I asked him what he thought of it.  He said the same thing as my  first doctor.    My daughter had some medicine she usually put on pimples whenever she got one, so she offered to lend me some.  The thing was, that she had received it from her Primary Care Doctor as a prescription. I decided to call my PCD to see what he thought of my using her prescription, As a response,He had his nurse call me to tell me that I had an appointment to see a surgeon.   I immediately grabbed my scripture Books on healing. My favorites are: Speak the Word by Marilyn Hickey and God's Divine Health by Gloria Copeland. I have given out Marilyn Hickey's Speak The Word to over 100 people. My favorite Bible Scriptures are Isaiah 53:4-5 and Psalm 91. I literally use those books and those scriptures as life Blood. 

On my first visit to the surgeon, he felt my back and asked "Can you feel that?"  I could only feel his finger.  When I said so, he told me exactly what the other two doctors had said, you know, about the pimple, etc.  But, the surgeon asked me whether I would just like to leave the bump there or remove whatever was causing it.  I told him to remove it.  On my next visit, he did. The piece he removed was about a sixteenth of an inch long. It wasn't as big as a baby tooth.  But the way medical science works is that if something is removed, it must be sent to a pathologist to determine what it is. 

Now, keep in mind that I still am not able to see it, reach it or feel it on my back.

Well... that's when (as the old saying goes), the stuff hit the fan!  The pathologist found something but he didn't know what it was. Nevertheless it set in motion a lot of necessary medical attention for me.  I entered the hospital as an outpatient to receive a CT Scan along with the removal (at the same spot) of another of those pathological pieces of material to be used for study. Then, I was sent as an outpatient unit for a PT Scan. I still had no pain and the spot where the study material had been removed had healed so it could not be determined that it had ever been there.  The next time I met with the surgeon, he told me I would be required to go to a Medical Center to speak with someone who could advise me further.  Then I would have to come back to him; he would widen the spot (two inches) to see whether there was more movement. He scheduled me for a Needle Biopsy.

My daughter thought that sounded menacing so she asked some prayer partners to pray for her mom.  She didn't tell them what was happening, because we felt that would get people speculating about the issue. 

Up to that point, nothing hurt. The first time I only felt pressure.  However, the pathologist appeared to need more material so, the doctor had to go in a second time.  I had never felt such horrible pain before in my life -- that I recalled.  I immediately began praying in my prayer language.  Before I got on that bed for that biopsy procedure, I felt fine.  I was able to get on the bed by myself. I was able to breathe as the machine requested and the pain was minimal. The second time in, it was as if the doctor was digging for gold.  Interestingly enough, the result was that the medical staff felt there was something there that could be menacing, but they didn't know what it was and they couldn't locate it. 

In November, I arrived at the medical center.  They took my blood (they always do that). They took my weight and my temperature (they always do that.)  Then the nurse took me in to the most wonderful doctor I have ever met. He entered the room with a cheery, "How are you?"

"I'm great!" I responded.

He looked surprised and asked, "Are you really feeling great?"


He looked at me very closely, then looked through all of my medical history, looked sympathetically at me and said, "You've been through a lot in a short time, haven't you?  


"Well, everything looks good here. Are you eating well?  


"Have you been losing weight?"


He asked me to get up onto the examining table.  I moved briskly upon it.  He examined me with his stethoscope in different areas then told me I could get down. Then, he told me a story. He said, "My mother is about four years older than you.  She told me that if I couldn't make her life better, I should not do anything that would make it less normal. I am going to treat you the way I would treat my mother. I would like you to come back in a month and we will see how you are doing.  I went back to see him in December.  He scheduled a CT Scan for January.  His diagnosis: There seems to be something going on in my body. He cannot tell what it is and the scans do not show where it is. 

I feel GREAT! I look GREAT (I'm told!) I still do everything I've ever done before and my wonderful doctors (including my primary care doctor)says "I'm normal." So I just keep Praying and Praising my God because He has never left me nor forsaken me nor not kept His Word!

I finished both my daughter's and my Income Tax for Federal, State and City on time.  I used Turbo Tax.  I have used it for the last fifteen years; but I had some trouble this year because of ALL the new laws.  Every time I logged on, there were additional updates. Since then, I have been cleaning out old files -- getting them ready for shredding. I am also setting aside items to be given to our local charities. My daughter and I are downsizing.  

Speaking of downsizing. Have any of you been doing this?  Do you find it hard?  I do! And the things I find hardest to throw out are "old" things. Those things that bring back GREAT memories.

Carolyn and I are still acting as the chairmen for our PRAYER FOR THE NATION on the 1st and Third Sundays.  We have a "girls day out" on Wednesdays. We don't necessarily go out, we just enjoy each other at home.  We pray, praise, sing and give God the Glory for how He is leading and guiding our lives. How much can we say "Thanks for all He has done and is doing for us!"

I am the President of our Condo Association and am in the running again.  This means I will look forward to serving another two years.

I have six short stories that I am editing and proofing for a new book.  And as I went through some "old, old" files two days ago, I found notes I had written toward a book which I might decide to develop.  

I am in a Bible Study -- on line -- with the women of our church.  I was able to send responses on line until I started the Income Tax then that got so unwieldy, I could only keep up with my prayer time and my regular radio time with J. Vernon McGee on Thru The Bible and Discover The Word and Rightstart Radio Ministries. I try to spend 2-1/2 hours with the Copeland's on BVOBN or Roku each week. Sometimes, I have to do it all in one day.

That's all I can think of for now.  Until I get another free moment to contact you, BE BLESSED!