Inez Heller Jones was a central Ohio transplant from west Michigan, where she earned the reputation of serving her God, her family, and her community with high energy, intensity, and conviction. Some of her many accomplishments included: West Shore Christian Fellowship Trustee Board Chairman; Michigan Women’s Commission Honoree for leadership in state, business, education, government, and community service; Chairwoman of the Muskegon Heights Michigan Education Assessment Program Task Force; Muskegon County Museum Trustee; Legislative Committee Chair of the Muskegon County Black Women’s Political Caucus; and three-time candidate for the Ninety-Second District state house seat.

Shortly after moving to central Ohio, Inez was elected to the Chippewill Condominium Unit Owners’ Association Board of Directors. During her fifteen-year tenure, she held a number of positions, including board president for ten years. In They Call Me Blessed, Inez is introduced to readers as wife, empty nester, single mom, and in-home caregiver.